2016-17 Women's Rugby

Coach: Amber Davison
Kate Murray - Team MVP
AUS All Star: Julie Naughler
Julie Naugler - AUS Rookie of the Year

Elizabeth Bailley, Shyloe Beals, Ryan Bell, Isabelle Bennet, Allie Boyle, Danielle Cable, Morgan Carruthers, Emily Gallant, Anne Haley, Alanna Hill, Amanda Katsande, Maggie MacPhee, Arianne MacRitchie, Sydney Mann, Marry-Frances Martin,Sarah McNeill, Amber Mooney, Kate Murray, Julie Naugler, Tessa O'Donnell, Sarah Penney, Teaghen Phillip, Lauren Smithers, Kathryn Steeves, Jillian Tassell, Jillian Taylor, Katrina Thomas, amy Thompson, Katrina turrie, Hannah Wallace, Brittany White, Morgan Wolfe

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