Decade: 1950's

October 24/1951 – students & staff move from the Windsor St. site of SMC to the newly constructed but yet not fully built McNally building on Robie St.
*** Science & engineering classes continued to be taught in the old Windsor St. site for the 1951-52 school year.

March 31, 1952 – As one of McNally’s last acts – he had the Act Respecting Saint Mary’s College changed to read “Saint Mary’s University”.

September14, 1952 - Canadian Martyr’s Church opens in the lobby of Saint Mary’s – the first SMU gymnasium, “The Pit”, would be housed in the basement of the Church.

November 18, 1952 - Archbishop McNally dies.

1956 & 1957 – Football Saints win back to back Maritime Junior Football Championships.

1958 – Bob Hayes hired as the University’s first full time Athletic Director & new football coach.

1959 – SMU football team renamed the Huskies for the 1960 season – formerly known as the Saints and before that the Irish.

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